Following the announcement on the 31st October and subsequent clarification from our professional associations, we are pleased to announce that we are permitted to stay open during the UK’s second lockdown.

Our safety procedures remain unchanged, please see below for a summary of how we are working to keep our staff and patients safe.

  1. All patients will be screened for COVID-19 infection risk before they attend, this form will be emailed to you, it MUST be completed for every appointment before you enter the clinic.
  2. All patients will be required to wear a face covering. The clinic reserves the right to charge you for a mask if you do not have one.
  3. “Higher risk” patients are encouraged to book telehealth appointments instead of a face-to-face appointments.
  4. There will be a reduced number of people allowed in the clinic at any one time.   Please do not bring friends or family to your appointment as they will be asked to wait outside*
  5. Patients will wait for their appointment outside or in the car. The practitioner will collect them.
  6. The patient will sanitise their hands on entry to the building.
  7. The patient will pay for their appointment using card, no cash. If they booked online they will have already paid online.
  8. The practitioner will be wearing the recommended PPE for their treatment, this could include single-use gloves, single-use aprons, mask and visor.
  9. Reception team will be working behind a screen.  Please DO NOT try to stand to the side of the desk, you will be asked to move so the screen is between yourself and the receptionist.
  10. The practitioner will have sanitised all surfaces before and after every patient enters the treatment room.
  11. Patients will not get changed before their appointment. No fabric gowns, towels** or bench covers will be used. Only disposable tissues and wipe-clean materials.
  12. There may be some changes to treatment, for example, certain techniques or pieces of equipment may not be used to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  13. At the end of a shift, the entire clinic will undergo a deep clean and ventilation by the practitioner.
  14. There are Public Health England posters around clinic re-iterating how to minimise infection risk.


* If you require a chaperone or an assistant this person will be permitted to attend with you.

**Towels have been re-introduced for our sports massage appointments, these are of course washed at high temperatures after every patient and the bench is sanitised between patients in addition to the use of fresh couch roll and towels.


Please see below for some further clarification on some current FAQs.  

What happens if I have COVID symptoms?

You must not attend for your appointment, please contact the clinic and reschedule your session for after you have completed the required self-isolation period, this is regardless of a negative test result.

What happens if I test positive for COVID?

If you have visited the clinic 48 hours prior to being symptomatic please inform us.

You must not attend for your appointment, please contact the clinic and reschedule your session after you have completed the required self-isolation period.

What happens if a staff member has symptoms of COVID?

Any staff member that has any symptoms of COVID will self-isolate immediately and get a COVID test as soon as possible.  If the staff member is a clinician their patients will be contacted and given the option to reschedule their appointment or rebook with another practitioner.

What happens if a staff member tests positive for COVID?

Advice will be sought from Public Health England (PHE) and NHS Track and Trace to determine the course of action.  All our staff work in the recommended PPE so there should be no requirement for patients to be notified via the Track and Trace system.  Further details can be found here.


5th November 2020

All information is subject to change.